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( not with a bang but a whimper )

Share your favourite quotes with me.
They can be mean or funny, insightful, cryptic, inspirational, happy or sad, they can leave you numb or make you want to change. They can be by a poet, an author, your best friend, your hairdresser, an actor, a musician: anyone, anywhere, at any time. They can be from a song or from a movie or a TV show. They can be from a book or a poem or a Hallmark card. Send this post to your friends.
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WORD ASSOCIATION! Let's play. (Please?)

Here's the deal:
. You comment with a word.
. Someone else replies to your comment with something they associate with your word.
. Someone else replies to that with another association.
. ... and so on and so forth.

There are no limits. Pimp it out. Let's play.
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( because i know you; alternatively, CALLING ALL WICKED FANS )

Guys guys guys. For my English coursework I'm writing a review of Wicked. However, it's not going to be the kind of review detailing the show, the people and the awards/money/broken records. It's going to be much more personal, so my question to you guys is: what does Wicked mean to you? How has it changed your life - in terms of friendships, personality, general lifestyle - what has the show done for you?

Also, as a bonus: how do you think it has changed the world of theatre/musical theatre, if at all?

I literally need a sentence or two at the most. I'm also leaving this public, so you can pimp it out, and comments are screened in case you want to tell me something deeply personal. In all likelihood, any comments I choose to include in my review will be anonymous (though you will, somehow, be credited in a bibliography).