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FALLAPARTAGAIN // hold on to this lullaby

v9 // come morning light, you and i'll be safe and sound (taylor swift)


look for the girl ;
I'm a Northern-born East Anglian with an unhealthy penchant for fictional
characters, marshmallows and social media. Music is my love, my work and
my world. I'm married to my best friend and life is peachy.

inside of my world ;
You won't see me with unpainted nails. You'll never catch me without a
notebook. I have more flowers to wear in my hair than you have in your
garden. My radio is tuned to Classic FM and quite frankly, I'm okay with that.

'music is the reason why i know time still exists' -- Dancing, Elisa
beautiflrelease's Profile Page
'i write for the same reason i breathe:
because if i didn't, i would die'
-- Isaac Asimov
adam hills, adam lambert, alison krauss, american idol, anna nalick, anthony edwards, apostrophes, aynsley lister, bears, beauty and the beast, ben spies, blind justice, breakfast at tiffany's, britannia high, brothers and sisters, cal crutchlow, carla gugino, carrie underwood, catherine bell, chicago hope, chocago bears, classic disney, coffee, colin edwards, country music, craig charles, criminal minds, csi: new york, darren hayes, dixie chicks, doctor who, doctor/donna, ed byrne, eddie cahill, elise lieberth, emma thompson, fairies, fanfiction, frieda petrenko, gary sinise, george clooney, gerard butler, gilmore girls, gossip girl, gymnastics, harry potter, high school musical, holby city, hotch is mr potatohead, hotch/jj, house, hugh laurie, jag, jason aldean, john and claire, john peel, johnnie walker, julia murney, julia sheer, kate shindle's harvard shirt, keeping the faith, kristen bell, kyla ross, lady gaga, lauren alaina, lauren graham, legally blonde, linguistics, lippa's the wild party, lisa edelstein, love actually, luke bryan, m*a*s*h, marco simoncelli, mark lamarr, matchbox twenty, melina kanakaredes, michael bublé, miobi, miranda lambert, mock the week, moto gp, music, nashville, new girl, nfl, nicky hayden, olga fedori, oscar wilde, phantom of the opera, photography, photoshop, pistol annies, qi, radcliffe and maconie, radio, rascal flatts, red dwarf, red hot chilli peppers, regina spektor, rent, rob thomas, russell howard, sara bareilles, sara niemietz, sasha/payson, schuyler fisk, scotty mccreery, shawn johnson, simone biles, sociolinguistics, st petersburg, stephen fry, stockard channing, sucker punch, susie the musical, tallinn, taylor swift, the boat that rocked, the english language, the last 5 years, the love letter, the sarah connor chronicles, the west wing, theatre, third watch, thunderstorms, top gear, trashy american teen dramas, travelling, twitter, tyler ward, valentino rossi, veronica mars, whispering bob, wicked, writing, zooey deschanel